web services

We are a Long Island web design and graphic design firm, serving clients in Long Island, New York and worldwide. You can not go wrong with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on our custom web designs and logo creations. A web design professional will walk you through our design process and supply your business with the right site for the right price.

Why does my business need a web site?

A website will will take your company to the next level! As a small business you can now have the corporate image that you are looking for with a professionally built website. If you are paying for advertising and print ads but do not have a website, you are missing out on the entire world wide web. Your local customers can find out more about your company by going to your custom designed website which has detailed information about you business that you want to convey. An added benefit to having a website for your business is the world wide exposure that the internet affords.

If a potential customer is deciding between your business and another company that has a web site, chances are they will go to the business with a web site.
Studies have shown that a potential customer will remember a web address (MyBusiness.com) much longer than a telephone number. Try to remember the telephone number of that landscaping truck that passed you earlier today? Chances are you would have remembered FranksLawns.com.

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